Each of the products, Restylane®, Perlane or
Restylane Fine Lines can be used to increase the
volume of an area. There are many places on the
face that this may be desired and achieved.
For best results, Dr. Solish recommends a
combination of Restylane® and Botox.  Please see
Dr. Solish's Botox site at: www.botoxclinic.ca.

Wrinkles: Lines that appear in the forehead either
horizontal or in the frown area can be diminished
with these filling agents.

Frown lines can often give the impression of worry or concern and often make
dramatic differences in not only how the individual looks but is perceived.

The nasolabial folds (4) as well as the oral commisures (6) do extremely well
with Perlane or RestylaneŽ. These can really lift the skin, changing a deep
wrinkle into a fine line.

1: forehead lines; 2: frown lines;
3: crow's feet;  4: naso labial folds;
5: lips/ lip lines; 6: oral commissures

The finer lines around the mouth (5) and eyes (3) are usually reserved for
Restylane® or Restylane Fine Lines.  Often when located around the mouth
these fine wrinkles may appear to be due to smoking and often-small amounts of
product can make huge difference in their appearance.

Lips: Restylane® and Perlane are great options for lip augmentation (5). Small
amounts can be used to accentuate the lip boarder giving a much more defined
and even lip edge. If it is fuller, larger lips that are desired, fantastic results can
often be achieved. Over time the edge of the lips diminishes and lipstick may
"bleed" in to small lines above it (5). Redefining this edge leads to a more
youthful and appealing look. Fuller lips are usually the job of Perlane. This gives
months of natural looking results. With advanced techniques a soft pouting
look can also be achieved.

Facial contours: Facial contour areas like the cheeks and chin can be altered
to give desired appearance changes. It is amazing how small amounts in these
areas can reshape the face giving a fuller and more youthful or defined
appearance. As well hollowness under the eyes can be softened in minutes.

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